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Career Coaching

Discover your passion.

Whether starting a career as a recent graduate or embarking upon a career transition, career coaching can help to make the process of exploring career options less intimidating. I specialize in helping individuals discover their passions and relating those to a rewarding career. Through assessments and engaging career coaching activities, individuals discover their personal values as they relate to employment. Packages are available for various stages of career discovery.

Resume CV Writing - Rise Career Services - Baton Rouge Louisiana

Resume’/CV Writing

First impressions matter.

Recruiters and hiring managers receive the first impression of a job candidate by BRIEFLY reviewing their resume’. A professionally written resume’ gives candidates confidence during the job search and provides an accurate presentation of the individual, distinguishing them from other applicants. Applicant Tracking Systems and other hiring trends have been a game changer in the job market. Having an up to date resume’, compatible with today’s hiring processes, will improve the likelihood of being contacted by hiring mangers to schedule an interview. A resume’’ questionnaire is required in order to optimize client results and must be completed prior to delivery of this service. Resume’ and CV writing pricing varies according the client’s years of experience.

Interview Preparation - Rise Career Services - Baton Rouge Louisiana

Interview Preparation

Enhance Your Interview Skills.

Enhancing interviewing skills allows you to communicate your value to employers effectively and professionally. Mock interviews are conducted in multiple formats, such as traditional, one on one, panel, video, and group interview settings.

Professional Letters - Rise Career Services - Baton Rouge Louisiana

Professional Letters

Cover letters that wow.

A professionally written cover letter accompanies the resume’’ or CV. The cover letter serves the purpose of introducing a candidate to the organization and to express interest in a job vacancy. In some cases, employers will also request letters of intent. I provide assistance with the development of the supplemental letters to complete the job search package.

Public Speaking - Rise Career Services - Baton Rouge Louisiana

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Development

Engage and captivate audiences.

The effective presentation of information is required in any field. During presentation skills development sessions, I provide strategies for creating presentations, engaging adult audiences, incorporating visuals and much more. The strategies provided help clients communicate their message to customers, staff, and management teams.

Leadership - Rise Career Services - Baton Rouge Louisiana

Leadership Development

Enhance your leadership skills.

Leadership development sessions are offered to new and seasoned leaders. Leadership skills are a key component of advancement within any organization. I work with individuals to enhance their leadership abilities, develop their leadership philosophy and meet personal and professional goals.