Supported Employment & Job Readiness

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Supported Employment

Meaningful Employment for EVERYONE.

RiSE Career Services is an approved provider through Louisiana Rehabilitation Services. Supported Employment (SE) is a program established by the federal government that enables individuals with severe disabilities to become employed. Our Supported Employment program incorporates the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and best practices in the field of SE to assist individuals with disabilities in identifying and achieving their career goals. Individuals are placed in integrated employment settings, with the support of a job coach. Supports provided by the job coach are systematically faded over time and natural supports are provided to attain the maximum level of independence. On-going support and extended services are also provided to ensure maintenance of competitive, integrated employment. Supported Employment services are offered at no cost to individuals who qualify through Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS).

Re-Entry Initiative - Rise Career Services - Baton Rouge Louisiana

RiSE Re-Entry Initiative

Making second chances count.

Individuals re-entering the workforce after a period of incarceration encounter a unique set of challenges. This program addresses issues related to seeking employment as an ex-offender and how to overcome them to obtain meaningful employment. Our Job Readiness curriculum covers skills such as completing a resume’, interviewing, effective communication, self-management and financial literacy. Sessions are offered in group and individual formats.